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Bone Jewelry

Trilogy Sprout, white, bone. 6 gauge earrings, gauge earrings.

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Body Jewelry in white, this long spiraling hanging custom bone body jewelry set is hand carved for stretched ears. 

6g Bone Body Jewelry and gauge earrings for large piercings. Unique, handmade, tribal : white body jewelry.

Beautiful, bold and fine, like you.

Our piercing jewelry, gauge earrings and body jewelry are custom made, created with precision skills by artists in exotic natural and natural materials to create jewelry that brings more variety and excitement to life. Bone body jewelry. Hand Carved : Bone gauge earrings for Large Piercings. Fits stretched ear lobes.

SKU # bj-71-b-6g GARUDA : gauge earrings

bone, bone jewelry, bone,jewelry, sculpted, spirally.

GARUDA and Kona Blue :|: Natural Jewelry

Handmade Island Jewelry

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