Spiral Earrings

This selection of spiral earrings has a large range of styles and choices of natural materials to choose from. Carefully created from a range of beautiful tropical wood, real buffalo bone and horn and sterling silver, every pair is stunning and well made. Our custom jewelry collection of spiral styles has over 100 styles and natural materials to pick from.  Every pair is lovely and well constructed, made from a variety of beautiful tropical woods, authentic buffalo bone and horn, and sterling silver.

Spiral Wood Earrings

Our original styles come in a wide range of combinations, including tropical hardwood such as rosewood, ebony, magnolia wood and silken ivorywood. Our classic black or white spiral earrings are a favorite, made with carved bone or horn and a silver post to connect the back and front. We also have an upcoming selection of our brand new jewelry line, made with surgical steel and gold layered stainless or titanium posts fit to hand cut and carved exotic hardwood and pure white bone.

Enjoy the amazing range of timeless and bold styles of our spiral earring collection. We love every pair! The look and feel of this assortment of tribal spiral earrings is playful, bold and fun. The tribal styled motifs and finely carved details make each piece a work of art that reflects and relays a story. When you want to draw attention to your strength, beauty and wisdom, and need a perfect pair of earrings, this is the place to find it. Our customers are always returning, year after year, working towards getting every new pair. Accent your jewelry collection with a few of our pieces, custom made with style in authentic, quality materials. We use a process to select the perfect matrix material to create these with, because finding a solid and flawless start is the only way to finish a perfect handmade set. Our refined and smooth earrings spiral into natural looking, almost alive styles, and our jewelry is made by hand, etched, engraved or carved with expressive swirling patterns. This elegant and hip earring selection comes in a range our original styles that we offer in a variety of genuine hand-finished real materials. Shopping our range of hanging, drop, hoop, large, small and long earrings is not only fun, but can feel overwhelming because there are so many great ones that it is hard to pick just one. The trendy expressiveness has a stylish tribal feeling, with dangling, swirling swoops, smoothed into spirals as earrings made for fashion. The expression of the spiral is an ancient symbol, one that tells a story of life and growth, the passing of days and how our world builds on time and experience. These are truly classic pieces that are mimicked but never made by others with the attention to detail and quality that we strive to offer.

Tribal Spiral Earrings

Accented with floral, tusk-like, tribal and talon embellishments that vine and loop into easy to wear earrings with spirals, our line of genuine natural jewelry expresses the spiral in hundreds of ways. Our spiral earring collection is made with silver, wood, bone and horn in colors including black, white and natural hues of rich deep brown and golden tropical wood. This ethnic themed jewelry is hip and decorated in long and chic twining droplets that make cute and elegant gifts. This type of timeless style is made from the threads of time itself, showing the evolution of our world expressed in a simple form. The shapes tell stories of change and constant. We offer a range of materials that are loved for this collection, including tribal earrings, Wooden Earrings, bone earrings, fake gauges and horn earrings. This classic sort of tribal style offers us a connection to our roots, the story of our evolution and a pathway to lead us in our future. We embody the scenes of our island nature and translate it into expressive wearable art that can be interpreted as representations of the world around us as it should be. Our earrings and jewelry are hand-carved and hand-crafted by real people, and we always use eco-friendly and socially-conscious business practices.

Spirals cut and carved into fantastic jewelry are a totally classic statement. Our carved spirals with silver stud backs or natural post earrings are timeless and original. We offer the rustic type of friction fit post closures that are made with no metal, 100% nickel free earrings that are ideal for people who are sensitive to metals The posts are made with either genuine horn or solid bone. When we first began creating these spiral tribal earrings it was with a few ideas in mind. The first was that we wanted something that represented our natural world and the power of nature in relation to life. The second was to have affordable jewelry made in natural materials that don't irritate our sensitivities to metals. Our collections of tribal spiral earrings hand cut in natural wood and pure white bone range from fun to absolutely graceful and elegant enough to complete a wedding dress.

Spiral Gauge Earrings

We also offer a huge choice of spiral organic jewelry for stretched ear lobes and large gauge piercings. The classic bone white spiral gauge earrings that never will go out of style are a staple item, available in a range of gauge sizes and also in a variety of materials in types from wood gauge earrings and body jewelry to spiral faux gauges. You can use the button menu below to narrow the choice of size and materials or style that you are looking for.

Our spiral earring line offers a wide choice of timeless and dramatic shapes. Every pair is a hit! This collection of spiral earrings and jewelry has a colorful, vibrant, and fun appearance to it. Each piece is a work of art that reflects and conveys a tale thanks to the tribal influenced motifs and skillfully carved details. This is the place to go when you need a great set of earrings to bring attention to your strength, beauty, and knowledge. Year after year, our clients return, eager to get their hands on every new pair. Add a pop of color to your jewelry collection with a pair of our earrings, which are handcrafted in genuine, high-quality materials.

Handcrafted with expressive swirling designs, our polished and smooth spiral motif jewelry is etched, engraved, or carved. This stylish and trendy collection includes a variety of dangling, drop, and hoop earrings. With hanging, whirling swoops, flattened into spirals, the fashionable expressiveness has a cool tribal sense. The spiral is an old symbol that conveys a story about life and growth, the passage of time, and how our environment evolves over time and experience.

Handmade Spiral Jewelry

Our assortment of authentic natural jewelry portrays the spiral in hundreds of ways, with flowery, tusk-like, and talon embellishments that vine and loop into easy-to-wear spiral jewelry. Silver, wood, bone, and horn are used to create our spiral earring line, which comes in black, white, and natural colors. This ethnic-themed jewelry is stylish, with long, beautiful twining droplets that make for lovely gifts. Tribal earrings, Spiral Wooden Earrings, Bone Earrings, Fake Gauges, and Horn Earrings are just a few of the materials we provide for our spiral line. Our earrings and jewelry are fair-trade, hand-carved and hand-crafted by actual people, and we always follow environmentally friendly and socially responsible business policies.
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Our Spiral Earrings are natural, unique and handmade by skilled artisans in a large variety of styles, colors and sizes. This jewelry is custom made to order. Our Earrings are sold as pairs. All carved post earrings for regular pierced ears come with an extra set of posts! Prices listed are RETAIL and US $. These Wood, bone or horn earrings for regular pierced ears are handmade in genuine materials.

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