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This selection of spiral earrings has over 100 styles and choices of natural jewelry materials to choose from. Carefully created from a range of beautiful tropical wood, real buffalo bone and horn, and sterling silver, every pair is stunning and well made.

Enjoy the amazing range of timeless and bold styles of our spiral earrings collection. We love every pair! The look and feel of this assortment of spiral jewelry is playful, bold and fun. The tribal styled motifs and finely carved details make each piece a work of art that reflects and relays a story. When you want to draw attention to your strength, beauty and wisdom, and need a perfect pair of earrings, this is the place to find it. Our customers are always returning, year after year, working towards getting every new pair. Accent your jewelry collection with a few of our earrings, custom made with style in authentic, quality materials. Our refined and smooth spiral motif jewelry is made by hand, etched, engraved or carved with expressive swirling patterns. This elegant and hip selection comes in a range of hanging, drop and hoop type earrings. The trendy expressiveness has a stylish tribal feeling, with dangling, swirling swoops, smoothed into spiral earrings made for fashion. The expression of the spiral is an ancient symbol, one that tells a story of life and growth, the passing of days and how our world builds on time and experience.

Spiral Jewelry

Accented with floral, tusk like and talon embellishments that vine and loop into easy to wear spiral jewelry, our line of genuine natural jewelry expresses the spiral in hundreds of ways. Our spiral earring collection is made with silver, wood, bone and horn in colors including black, white and natural. This ethnic themed jewelry is hip and decorated in long and chic twining droplets that make cute and elegant gifts. We offer a range of materials that are loved for our spiral collection, including tribal earrings, Wooden Earrings, bone earrings, fake gauges and horn earrings. Our earrings and jewelry are fair-trade, hand-carved and hand-crafted by real people, and we always use eco-friendly and socially-conscious business practices.
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