Fake Body Jewelry & Faux Gauge Earrings

Fake Body Jewelry & Faux Gauge Earrings | WoodEarrings.com

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Our collection of fake body jewelry and faux gauge earrings in over 50 styles, made of wood, bone or buffalo horn.

Our custom Faux Gauge Earrings are precision made in wood, bone and horn in black, white and natural in spiral, tribal and nature inspired sculptural forms.

These simple to wear and fine detailed fake gauges are fine enough to wear to an event and casual enough to part in. Fake gauge earrings are something that will bring out your personal power.

Our fake gauge earrings are custom carved in natural materials. Genuine and original faux body jewelry and earrings.

We have been creating body jewelry and fake gauges as well as tribal earrings since 2001. The skills and patience of our craftsmen is unequaled, and we are happy to offer our range of unique handmade and tribal jewelry in a range of spiraling and eccentric natural designs. We offer the best quality possible in our jewelry collections. These fake gauge earrings are hip and make a statement. Made in natural materials, they are comfortable and easy to wear every day. With fun style with serious mojo for everyday wear, from tribal to elegant, our beautiful and funky faux gauge earrings are made with a sterling silver ear-wire. Bold and stylish, our tribal earrings are hand carved from natural and organic wood, bone, horn or coconut. Our range of Tribal earrings - split expanders - fake gauge - cheater earrings is over 100 colors and styles.
Tribal faux gauges are one of the most expressive and bold accessories that makes your everyday self seem more extraordinary and unforgettable.