Gauged Earrings and Organic Jewelry

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This collection of gauged earrings and jewelry is organic and handcrafted in sculptural hanging styles in wood, bone and horn sizes 00g 0g 2g 4g 6g 8g 1Og 12g.

Shop our Gauged jewelry and earrings in sizes 12 to 00 in wood, bone and horn, carved in spiral and tribals styles in organic natural black, white and exotic wood. These gage earrings or gauges are for enlarged or stretched ear piercings. we also offer a full selection of earrings for regular pierced ears which are natural and made in hypoallergenic materials for those with metal sensitivities.

For the use of gauged earrings, the piercing and stretching of the ears for personal adornment is a time honored tribal tradition practiced by many cultures across the globe for centuries.
Lobe stretching piercings for gage earrings is practiced by many people, including Animists, Buddhists, and other Indigenous cultures all over the World.

Gauged Jewelry and organic jewelry : exotic. natural. organic : GARUDA. ..spoil yourself: Our wood, bone and organic gauged jewelry are fair trade, handmade and created by traditional artists.

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