Collection: Organic Earrings

Natural and organic earrings, fine crafted and handmade in buffalo horn, bone, wood, we offer tribal earrings, faux gauges and spiral earrings for normal pierced ears as well as stretched lobes. Check out our black earrings in natural wood and horn....

What's the best way to put the Organic earrings on?

Gently hold the earring around your ear lobe. Get the post of the earrings started so it is through both the front of the earring and into the opening of your ear piercing. Twist the post and gently and insert it through your piercing and the back of the earrings, maybe wiggling the post slightly until it finds its way through. Make the post feel snug, but not to tight. Please don't try to force them as the earrings or the post could suffer if forced.The posts should be snug, but not jammed in. Be gentle.

Earrings for sensitive ears - 100% metal free

Our organic and natural jewelry made with no metal is a perfect gift or accessory for people with sensitive ears and metal allergies. Finding the perfect pair is too easy! These fun earrings are very stylish and available in styles and colors to go with any outfit. Shop our Earrings for sensitive ears collection and look out for updates on sales, new styles, and your favorites that you missed out on coming back in stock as our craftspeople carefully replenish them for us all to enjoy!

wood post peg and stick earrings

We also have silver posts available in 2 sizes as well as extra bone or horn posts for your earrings here

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