Shop our Necklace and chains : lengths for men, women or children by type, style or size:

Necklace and chains : lengths for men, women or children

Here is our selection of necklace chains, cords, thongs and cables in leather, cotton, sterling silver and super quality nice waxed braided poly to accompany our necklaces and pendants, or one piece or collection of your own.

The standard sizes and lengths for men, women or children are as follows:

FOR A COLLAR OR CHOKER FIT: use a smooth ribbon or non adhesive tape to measure the width of the neck in order to be sure that the size or length of chain or necklace you choose is not too small or large.
Lay the ribbon tape next to a ruler or measuring device to see how many inches in circumference the neck is. Add 1 inch to the measurement of the smallest part where you want the chain to fit neatly for a close fit, to be sure that you can put it on, take it off and turn your head without damaging the chain or cord, or pinching yourself, etc.

FOR PRINCESS FIT OR LONGER HANGING NECKLACES FOR WOMEN, MEN OR CHILDREN: Use a thin rope or piece of string. Lay it gently around the neck, draping and hanging it to the desired length were you want to wear the necklace or pendant.
Clip the string to the exact length, and lay to next to a ruler or measuring device. Choose the length in our guide that is closest to the size of your measurement.
Note that petite and small framed women may be using Childs sizes for a close fit.
Very thick necked or large boned men and women will need a chain that is the next size up to fit the descriptions of where we write each chain sits, in most cases. This is why measuring is important.
Pease note that our chains and cords are handmade to the sizes we use, so if you would prefer one on the smaller or longer side of the measurement, please include it in the special requests or note area at checkout, and follow up by contacting us in the chat box or by email to be sure.

Mens Necklace length and size

*Please take measurements if at all possible to be sure the fit is correct for a specific fit. *
- 18 inch Collar chain ( fits close on the neck, only for smaller size mens necks. )
- 20 inch Choker chain ( Close on the neck or just on top the collar bone )
- 22 inch chain : ( sits just below averaged mens collar bone )
- 24 inch chain : ( lays slightly above the breastbone or over the chest or pectorals of an average man)
- 30 inch chain : ( hangs long over the chest toward the stomach, past the center of the average mens rib cage )

Womens Necklace length and size

*we recommend that you measure the person for a fit is possible, to be sure its what they like.*
 - 14 inch Collar chain ( fits close or almost snug on the neck, for smaller size necks. )
- 16 inch Choker or Bib chain ( Close near on the neck or just on top the collar bone )
- 17 to 18 inch Princess fit chain or cord ( Short length: lays along the collar bone )
- 20 to 24 inch Matinee chain or cord ( Average length : between the collar bone and top of bust )
- 28 to 36 inch Opera chain or cord ( long: on, between or below the bust )
- 36 to 42 inch Rope chain or cord ( Extra long: hangs below the bust and above the navel )

Childrens Necklace length and size

- Age 1 to 3 years: 10 inches to 12 inches (* We do not recommend our jewelry for children this age, use your own judgment if ordering an item this size. * We do not intend our jewelry to be used by young children or infants.*)
- Age 3 to 7 years: 12 inch to 14 inch necklace.
- Age 7 to 10 years: 14 to 16 inch long necklace.
- 10 years and older: refer to our adult chain and necklace lengths, and please measure to be sure.



Our Necklace and chains : lengths for men, women or children are natural, unique and handmade by skilled artisans in a large variety of styles, colors and sizes. This jewelry is custom made to order. Prices listed are RETAIL and US $.

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