Stick and Stirrup Earrings

Stick and Stirrup earrings : necessary basic earrings. Stirrup post style earrings in wood, bone, horn and other natural materials. Unique, carved by hand, and essential... Earrings by Garuda Organic & Kona Blue Jewelry.


This jewelry is custom made to order. Natural and handmade, our Stick and Stirrup Earrings are unique and handmade by skilled artisans. Our Earrings are sold as pairs. All carved post earrings for regular pierced ears come with an extra set of posts! Prices listed are RETAIL and US $.

These Wood, bone or horn earrings for regular pierced ears are handmade in genuine materials.

Stick and Stirrup Earrings :|: Kona Blue & GARUDA :|:

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