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Our carved earrings made of wood, bone, horn and other natural materials are finely made by traditional artists into simple and bold natural jewelry.

Carving jewelry is one of the oldest and most fine forms of art on our planet. We are proud to offer this unique selection of styles in boho, spiral, nature inspired, hanging and drop type earrings with an ethnic tribal feel. Jewelry like this is becoming more and more rare as each year pushes our world toward globalization with the modern economic system, as people forget their art and culture, skill becomes difficult to find. This makes protecting and supporting traditional craftspeople and their cultures more and more important every day. Carved Earrings in beautiful natural exotic materials: Organic, Handmade, Natural Jewelry: Our wooden earrings created by traditional artisans with pride in select wood, this organic jewelry shows the rich colors of the natural jewelry. Our exotic tropical wood is sustainably harvested or recycled.