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Bone Necklaces

Find the perfect bone necklace. Browse our bone carved necklaces, made by island families who create buffalo bone pendants and jewelry skillfully. Natural, organic and hand carved Bone Jewelry. Sea turtle, fish hook, Maori and spirals in our own artistic neck pieces. Traditional artists cut natural, real bone into necklaces and pendants in distinctive Hawaiian and Oceanic, island inspired sculptural styles, by handIsland carved bone in solid pure form, made by artisans whom have been carving for centuries. For a gift to remember, a mens bone necklace is a great idea that is both unique and will be treasured. We create our original custom jewelry styles with inspiration brought by life, interpreted into these unique pendants and talismans. Our favorite spiral necklace has become so popular that people have begun to think it is a traditional style, and we take that as a compliment, knowing that what we do really shows off the skill and style it takes to make great jewelry.

Buffalo Bone Necklaces

Organic, hand-carved and natural, a real bone necklace is a classic island gift. Available in styles for both men and women. We have countless styles ranging from spirals and whale tails to flowers and stylized abstract forms. These carved pieces are totally timeless, and through history bone has been worn to show the gain of wisdom through experience and as a reward of rights of passage. The solid genuine buffalo bone carved into necklaces and pendants in our original unique Hawaiian, Oceanic and Maori nature inspired sculptural jewelry styles are made one at a time by our skilled artists. The art of creating real bone jewelry is a rare skill that requires decades of mastery. The prices we let these necklaces go at is unbelievably cheap. Our artwork is a passion, and we try our best to keep doing what we do.

Carved Bone Necklaces

The carving of bone is an ancient art, used for making necklaces and adornments of all types, as well as tools, amulets and various useful objects. Sometimes people would wear the objects they used as tools looped around the neck for ease of access and to keep them safe, much as keys to the daily needs of life. Effigies as reminders of those who had inspired them worn near the heart were often made out very special material, even part of the person. until now, many people hold the practice of carrying a tiny fragment of the bones of saints and teachers for safety, inspiration and protection. Ancient carved money has been made of bone and was worn around the neck to keep it safe and organized for purposes of trade and travel.

Bone Pendants

Bone pendants have been said to be one of the strongest statements of pride and status, as a signal or experience and journey. Our real bone necklaces and pendants are carved in meaningful shapes meant to be interpreted by the wearer or viewer as poetry, to be held sacred as a symbol of life and the passage of time and gaining of wisdom and experience. Bone is a remarkable material with a smooth texture and is one of only a few naturally occurring white carvable materials on our Earth. The durability of this stone-like ivory white colored compound made of important minerals has fascinated people for millennia, both because of the unique shapes in which it naturally occurs as well as the amazing strength and smoothness of the thickest bone found only in very large animals, such as wild elk, bison or the domestic buffalo and cow. The incredible density and smoothness of these select pieces combined with its relative density and hardness ratio made it possible to sculpt and carve with tools as simple as stone. Bone became an ideal jewelry material because of this, combined with its resilient nature of having a very subtle flexibility that is almost undetectable, but indispensable for use as important items such as hooks, tools and sewing instruments. As we have evolved to live a more secure life through millions of years, decorative items of luxury such as a necklace made of bone because symbols of status, often given as gifts by admiring community and family members. All of our bone jewelry is handmade, carved by traditional people in natural bone from domestic Asian water buffalo that are used as both a tool for keeping the farm as well as for food and sacred rituals of passage. These prized domestic animals are revered as sacred in many places, and when they grow old and pass, all parts of the animal are used with respect. Kona Blue & GARUDA uses Fair-trade and ecologically sound practices.

Our offering to you of bone necklaces, amulets and pendants are made in sculpted solid natural bone. The artistic styles are our own creation in art. A necklace made with bone as a centerpiece hanging from a thong or cord has a powerful presence and feels good on. Our solid bone pendants are durable and created by specialty skilled artisans who know the importance of patience and time.

Our Bone Necklaces are natural, unique and handmade by skilled artisans in a large variety of styles, colors and sizes. This jewelry is custom made to order. Prices listed are RETAIL and US $.

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