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Island carved bone necklaces made by traditional families whom have been making carved bone jewelry for centuries. Organic, hand-carved and natural. Bone Jewelry | Natural, real buffalo bone carved into necklaces and pendants in unique Oceanic an Maori inspired sculptural jewelry styles, made one at a time by traditional artists.

Bone Jewelry has been said to be one of the strongest statements of pride and status, as a signal or experience and journey. Our Bone Necklaces and Pendants are carved in meaningful shapes meant to be interpreted by the wearer or viewer as poetry, to be held sacred as a symbol of life and the passage of time and gaining of wisdom and experience. All of our bone jewelry is handmade, carved by traditional people in natural bone from domestic Asian water buffalo that are used as both a tool for keeping the farm as well as for food and sacred rituals of passage. These prized animals are revered as sacred in many places, and when they grow old and pass, all parts of the animal are used with respect. GARUDA & Western Bohemian is Fair-trade and uses ecologically sound practices.