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All Wood Earrings

This amazing selection of all wood earrings and jewelry is handmade, sculpted in solid genuine wood. The choices of exotic tropical wood are very enticing and beautiful in color and character.

We have been making real wood jewelry for over a decade, and our all wood jewelry collection continues to inspire us every day to explore our creativity and create new styles of dangling earrings, wood hoops, drop earrings and necklaces. Natural exotic wood in deep and rich colors, expertly crafted into wood earrings. Our earrings are made from sustainably collected wood, and we follow moral criteria to help preserve the planet's quality of life.

Real Wood Earrings

This selection of real wood earrings is made using the finest choice tropical hardwood. Cut and polished by hand using fine skills, these wood earrings are wearable art and each piece is unique, custom made by hand, for you.

*By purchasing this jewelry, you are assisting the craftsmen and their families in improving their lives and preserving the rich heritage of their cultural talents.

How to put my wooden earrings on

Hold the wood earring in place on your lobe, aligned with the piercing. Begin by inserting the post through the front of the wood earring and into your piercing. Twist or gently press the post or stick, possibly twisting it slightly, until it finds its way through. Please don't push them since you can injure yourself or ruin the wooden jewelry. Make sure the posts are gently snug, but not squished together.

Hand-crafted Jewelry

Hand-carved fair-trade jewelry in wood by traditional artists whose family has been carving tribal earrings and jewelry for hundreds of years. These wood earrings are handcrafted and natural, displaying the rich natural colors and gloss that can only be found in this one-of-a-kind collection of exotic tropical woods. Our materials are ethically sourced and organic. Please visit the bottom of the page on wooden earrings for further details.

Our Wood Stick Earrings are created by hand from natural wood and are organic. Buffalo horn is used for the posts or pegs. Because this natural jewelry contains no metal, it is suitable for those who are allergic to metal.

All of our wood earrings with a stick post are handmade and come in a variety of shapes and colors. On a lathe, the pegs or posts are precisely spun and cut to fit. You can use a fine nail file or sandpaper to smooth off the tip of the post if you feel it is too long. An extra set of posts or sticks is included with each set.

We began making the various wood jewelry styles we offer in 2001, and they are all our own original designs. The last 20 years have been a lot of fun, and we're looking forward to continuing to make great jewelry and earrings for people with sensitive skin...

Ear piercing is a centuries-old tradition that has been undertaken by numerous tribes around the world. Wood earrings are worn by many people and civilizations around the world as a show of status and belief. This cultural practice of ear piercing and wearing wood earrings made of hard woods has spread around the world, and many of those who participate in it see lobe stretching and ear piercing as a rite of passage, mark of wisdom, and way of beautifying. There is a community of persons and groups of individuals who perform ear piercing on every human-populated continent. For generations, wood earrings have been worn by women all across the world to perpetuate this tradition of beauty.

Be Proud of Your All Wood Earrings!

Each piece of our wood jewelry is hand carved one at a time. Our Fair-Trade jewelry and earrings are handcrafted by highly skilled traditional artisans using only Earth-Friendly natural and organic wood. All of our materials are harvested in a responsible manner. We work directly with the artisans to ensure the highest level of quality and satisfaction.

We aspire to provide high-quality, one-of-a-kind, Earth-friendly products that satisfy the soul and more... Your purchase supports traditional crafts and families while also allowing you to purchase ecologically friendly items. Traditional folks use natural materials to handcraft our adornments. Our materials are properly sourced, and we promote their art and culture, all while enhancing the quality of their lives and creating jobs where none would otherwise exist. For this jewelry, we work directly with the artisans to produce our own designs in all of these natural materials, as well as some conventional favorites. We guarantee the quality of our earrings as well as the aesthetics of their design. We will do everything it takes to ensure you are satisfied with our products.


This excellent natural jewelry, created of organic, biodegradable wood, should be handled with care.

Because of their organic nature, our wood earrings should only be worn in healed piercings.

Wood Earring care

cleaning:- As needed, clean your wooden jewelry with a mild soap and water. Thoroughly dry and condition your earrings lightly, but not frequently, with jojoba oil or another natural oil. Do not soak it in anything, nor should it be boiled or autoclaved.

storage:- Keep your earrings in a cool, dry place. (For example, your jewelry box or dresser top.) - Do not leave your automobile, a sunny window, or any other hot or sunny location for a lengthy period of time. - Do not leave your organic jewelry in an area where it could get wet. (For example, in the shower or on the bathroom sink.)

other notes: Our wood earrings with natural posts are 99.9% hypoallergenic and fit nicely in typical pierced ears. You may suffer some discomfort if your ears have recently been pierced or are extremely sensitive. To help alleviate any discomfort, we recommend lightly oiling the post before inserting it into your ear for the first time with jojoba oil or another moderate, natural oil.

Our wood earrings collection includes hundreds of styles in fine exotic woods and intricate designs. These beautiful deep and rich shades of natural exotic wood, carefully carved into wooden earrings, are handmade to perfection by skilled artists in spiral, organic, boho, and tribal jewelry. You Should Be Proud of Your Jewelry! Our wood is harvested responsibly, and we follow Fair-trade guidelines to improve the quality of life on Earth.

Our All Wood Earrings are natural, unique and handmade by skilled artisans in a large variety of styles, colors and sizes. This jewelry is custom made to order. Our Earrings are sold as pairs. All carved post earrings for regular pierced ears come with an extra set of posts! Prices listed are RETAIL and US $. These Wood, bone or horn earrings for regular pierced ears are handmade in genuine materials.

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