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We custom carve your jewelry, by hand to order, from the finest available materials with premium skill and timeless craft. Jewelry and earrings created in tropical wood, pure white bone and solid black horn, just for you.

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This amazing selection of all wood earrings and jewelry is handmade, sculpted... 

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Our island life is reflected in these Hawaiian wood earrings. Hand cut... 

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Our collection of black wood earrings is finely handmade with a dramatic range of... 

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Island Carved Jewelry | bone, horn and wood earrings.

Kona Blue and Garuda have partnered, bringing the best all-natural Hawaiian jewelry available to humankind. Well worth the wait, with so many options and so many materials, it’s hard not to get overwhelmed. Each style emits beauty and simplicity reflecting the histories of the hands that designed them. Ranging from simple hoops to ornately carved dangling jewelry, there’s an entire spectrum of style and something meant for everyone. Various sizes mean that anyone can find something to love, no matter where you’re at in their journey of self-expression. Hoops and spirals speak to a classic, almost sacred shape passed on through generations. Elaborately carved wings and danglers speak to the perfection and acknowledgment of technique honed over time. This natural jewelry encompasses a vast spectrum of energy and self-expression. Feminine carvings highlight delicacy and orange beauty, while other masculine shapes and structures demonstrate the raw strength of the material. There’s a natural androgyny about these pieces that allow anyone wearing them a sense of freedom to define who they are. Most sets hold femininity and masculinity so that you can explore yourself without restraint and lean into your expression at will. Many of the carvings also reflect the spirituality of the earth’s beauties. With swirls, swoops, clouds, flowers, waves, wings, and tails, you’ll know the stories of the island and the people making the jewelry. These pieces evoke a naturalness you won’t see in other jewelry companies so that you can be naturally you. You’ll definitely want to spend some time looking through everything Kona Blue and Garuda have to offer. It will be even harder to choose what you want. Don’t be surprised if you find a range of styles in your cart. There’s beauty in this spectrum, the decision to envelope all the facets of your being. The buy 3 get 1 set free deal also seems too good to be true. But Kona Blue and Garuda truly encourage you to make a tiny collection for yourself. You can treat yourself to a pair you really want. Or, you can use this chance to explore a set you’re still on the fence about. Lean into the opportunity. It truly feels as though Kona Blue and Garuda are excited to share their craft with you. 

  • Carved Hawaiian Island Natural Jewelry

     Once finished, these sets are packaged snuggly and protected with heavy cardboard, ensuring safe travels from Hawaii all the way to you. Upon opening, you’ll realize how organic, well-made, and delicate these carvings are, especially in smaller sizes.

    Hawaiian Island Jewelry 
  • Carved Bone Jewelry

    They still possess the personal touch and creative energy given by the artist who crafted your special set. It will surprise you how perfectly matched both pieces will be, yet how individualized and original each one is in and of itself. Each groove, edge, and nick will tell you that. You can instantaneously feel how authentically these pieces were carved, by human hands only. 

    Price points are amazingly reasonable and vary depending on the material. When you consider how much time it takes to source the material, the task of hand-carving each piece, packaging, and shipping, I find it hard to believe how low some of the earrings are priced at. Production timelines are well worth the wait. The more time that passes by, the better the pieces become. Remember, real artists are hard at work. And these earrings are meant solely for you.

    Carved Bone Jewelry 
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