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hand-carved Necklaces, handcrafted with precision skill by talented traditional artisans. Tribal jewelry carved in natural and organic materials including exotic wood, bone, horn and amber.

Western Bohemian’s tribal jewelry and wood pendants are hand crafted with precision skill by talented artisans whose local tradition has been making carved jewelry in natural and organic materials such as exotic wood and coconut for hundreds of years. Our fine carved pendants are timeless.

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Handcarved pendants by Western Bohemian

Shop our line of natural wood, bone, horn, silver and amber pendants.

Exotic materials transformed by carving , stringing and weaving into necklaces and pendants. Our centerpiece pendants can be worn alone on a simple cord or ribbon, or use as unique findings for your own jewelry project.

Fabulous hand-made artisan pendants, beads and necklaces. Made from exotic materials such as wood, bone, horn, silver, amber, rudraksha and coconut shell.

Necklaces and carved center beads

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Handmade necklaces and pendants carved in wood, bone, and horn by GARUDA and Western Bohemian Jewelry.

* by purchasing Western Bohemian handmade jewelry, you are supporting traditional culture and arts. ...enjoy your exotic nature.