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Frequently Asked

Size Charts for bracelets and earrings

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How to put Wood Stick or Tribal Post earrings on?

Gently hold the earring and your ear lobe. get the post started so it is through both the front of the earring and started into your piercing. twist the post and gently and push, maybe wiggling the post slightly until it finds its way through. NEVER force them! you could hurt yourself and damage the earrings! The posts should be snug, but not jammed in. Be gentle!


- How long does it take to custom make our jewelry?

In order to create high quality carved jewelry, we follow a delicate process that ensures a good finish and quality materials.
Allow about 5 weeks time for this, to ensure it arrives on time.

The process of preparing the materials properly and carefully finishing by hand and compete drying cannot be rushed, and we want you to have the best possible quality handmade jewelry that we can offer.

-How long will it take for our Jewelry order to arrive?
In the US, within 10 business days of shipping after your jewelry has been custom made. Under normal circumstances it will take 3 to 4 weeks to hand-make your custom jewelry.
For international orders it is generally 21 days, but can take up to 2 months depending on customs procedures.

- Something is broken or was defective, what should we do?
Refer to our return/exchange policy, and contact us at service @ OrganicEarrings.com

Please send us a clear photo that shows the problem close up, or with a ruler in it if it is a fit or size issue. This will make the process much faster.

If you accidentally broke your carved earrings, you can use a tiny drop of superglue to repair them, but please take a photo first, incase it didn't work ( but it really almost always does) 

-What is the posts in the Organic Earrings made of?

If it is white, it is made of Bone. If it is dark or black it is made of Horn. We also offer Sterling Silver Posts, Gold Layered Stainless and Titanium or Surgical Steel posts for some styles. The 18k Gold covered stainless posts are really great for people with sensitive skin and delicate earlobes.


-Why is your stuff so great?!!

We care a lot about our people, our planet, our products and You.

see "about us"

-Where do your natural materials come from?

see our page on materials


-Hey, isn't this the same as GARUDA organic earrings?

yes and no. Yes, we are GARUDA organic earrings. No, its not the same, its better, Since Kona Blue Jewelry's influence we are open to more ideas and really want to know what you want! Please add us on facebook or another social media platform and tell us what you dream of...  ...we're dreaming of you...