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Buffalo Bone Earrings. Crafted of bone and organic materials, our hand carved bone jewelry is fair-trade and natural.

Handmade bone earrings, carefully carved in natural water buffalo bone: Western Bohemian and GARUDA have been working with traditional artists for over a decade to create this amazing jewelry.

We start with the careful selection of the material, dream the design, and carve each piece by hand, one at a time, then sand and buff to a fine, soft finish.

The smooth feeling and careful attention to detail make every pair of these unique bone earrings something you will admire and love to wear. We hope you enjoy the amazing craftsmanship and unique styles and designs. Bone Earrings - Tribal Earrings - Bone Jewelry - Gauges - Organic | Water buffalo bone carved by traditional families whom have been making carved bone jewelry for centuries. Organic, hand carved and natural.

Our water buffalo bone earrings are fair-trade and hand-carved by traditional artisans. Fair Trade.

Western Bohemian : Organic Bone Earrings : in touch with your ancient future...


How to put the post earrings on:

Gently hold the bone earring around your ear lobe with the post of the earrings started so it is through both the front of the earring and into the opening of your ear piercing. Twist the bone post and gently and insert it through your piercing and the back of the earrings, maybe wiggling the post slightly until it finds its way through. Make the post feel snug, but not to tight. Please don't try to force them. The posts should be snug, but not jammed in. Be gentle with yourself and your earrings.

Western Bohemian : Fair Trade, Natural Jewelry

Fair-trade. Hand-carved by traditional artisans whose family has been carving for hundreds of years. Organic and morally sourced.

LATIN NAME: bubalus bubalis.
ORIGIN: South-East Asia
HARVESTING PRACTICE: The bone and horn we use is left from food production and farming practice.
OTHER DETAILS: Recycled. The water buffalo of South East Asia is a domesticated animal. It is used to plow fields and carry loads. They are well treated and important to the survival of the native people. When they are too old to work, they are eaten and all part of the animal are utilized. They are never taken only for the bones.

Care of your natural bone earrings and jewelry:

Try not to drop them. The bone does not need to be conditioned, but may be oiled to protect the bone on occasion. Too much oiling will cause the color to deepen into a semi translucent yellowish ivory like tone, not bone white. This may also happen over time due to the natural oils of your skin absorbing into the material as it becomes a part of your daily life. If they become too dark for your taste, You can whiten them a little bit by soaking in peroxide mixed with baking soda, then thoroughly rinse and dry them.

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Organic : Natural, exotic : bone earrings

Handmade, fair trade and SEXY...

Western Bohemian bone earrings

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