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Hawaiian Wood Jewelry

Fire Blossom. Sunburst Disk, Tribal Hoop Earrings, rosewood.

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A perfect pair of large disc earrings, carved in wood by hand.  These sunburst pattern earrings are really eye catching and unique. Fire Blossom. This pair of amazing wooden earrings is carved by hand from rich tropical wood, as a sunburst discus tribal hoop, our favorite style, no less. This large disk shaped hoop earrings set is very attractive on. This pair of carved wood earrings is handmade and natural. The large hoop disk shape is very unique and flattering. Closes with a rustic post earrings pressure fit closure made in natural lathe-spun horn that is 100% metal-free. Each pair comes with an extra set of post included, free.

Very Light Weight.

Beautiful deep, rich color.

Measures : 2 inch W x 2 1/2 inch L.

 Hand Carved Natural Wood Tribal Earrings Wood Earrings : Stunning Carved Hanging Post Earrings.

GARUDA Organic jewelry wood Earrings are carved and crafted to high standards of quality and style, handmade by real people.

GARUDA and Kona Blue :|: Hawaiian Natural Jewelry

Handmade Island Jewelry

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