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Carved Jewelry

Sea Turtle Necklace

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 Check out this sea turtle necklace, carved in bone by hand and set on a tiny sterling silver slide as a large charm to be worn on a chain or cord as a necklace. Its precious playfulness makes it great for anyone to use for casual wear. Photographed on a classic Hawaiian pandanus mat, this little white turtle charm as a Hawaiian bone necklace is really an island specialty and a must get gift to remember and share your experiences. 

Color: white

Material: bone

Size: about 1 inch wide by 1 1/4 inch long

Bone Turtle Necklace

 The sea turtle is a celebrated and cherished creature, rare and protected. Visitors from around the world visit Hawaii to see these creatures swimming gracefully in the warm tropical waters of the pacific ocean, and we wanted to offer you this tiny carved turtle as a token of the preciousness of this experience. Our carved bone necklaces are available in lots of styles, but we like this one lots! The white color is symbolic of purity and the smallness represents the fragility of our natural world and the care we need to give it as humans. Here it is! Your own cute wearable Hawaiian baby sea turtle pendant, custom carved you.

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