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Wood Earrings

The Roman. Symmetrical Discus Wooden Earrings.

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A set of wide angular discus tribal hoop earrings in wood with a carved detail that resembles overlapping leaves or flower-like feathers forming a crest with a delicate curved spiral ended detail in the center of the hoop, handmade of natural tropical sapote wood, a very smooth and strong wood. 

When in Rome..

Color: woody peach to Earth red brown.
Material: Wood
Type: sapote fruit wood.
Style: Mediterranean, Middle-eastern inspired tribal Hoop Earrings.
Very light weight.
Sold as pair.
Fits regular pierced ears.

Bohemian tribal earrings.

Beautiful, bold and fine. like you.

Hand-carved unique jewelry. 

SKU # er-78-sb.

Enjoy your exotic nature.

Tags: bohemian, boho, dangle, diva, drop, hanging.

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