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Bone Jewelry

Hawaii Plumeria Flower. Bone Necklace.

Hawaii Plumeria Flower. Bone Necklace.

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This carved bone flower necklace, a very island classic necklace piece, is stung on a natural ocean grass cord. Handmade through traditional bone carving, this genuine bone necklace is the transformation of the cycle of life, as things change to make our world fertile for the future, the past unfolds into flowers as a story of life unfolding through the changing tides of time, every moment with a new adventure. The simplicity of this five petaled tropical Hawaii island Frangipani or plumeria flower necklace is a great gift and simple to use casually. Carved bone jewelry will last for centuries if cared for, and remember that this is a rare skill. Our custom carved Island jewelry is made with care and skill that says ALOHA.
Approximate size: 1.25 inches x 1.25 inches
Material: Bone, sea grass
Color: White
SKU# pn-plumeria-01-b

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