Round Earrings :|:

Shop our variety of round earrings, ranging from hoops to studs and elaborately carved circle shapes that hang. Here's our selection of round earrings, small and large hoop earrings, made in a nice variety of styles and materials. A good looking pair of round hoop or stud earrings is easy to wear and makes a nice complement to our individual style. Available in unisex styles, mens and womens.

Circle Earrings

The circle is a shape that we like for many reasons, its easy to wear, smooth, symmetrical and basically perfect. Circle shaped earrings either as stud post types or hoops are super classic and cool. We make ours by hand with amazing skill in completely genuine and natural materials such as rosewood, ebony sterling silver and coconut, thats not all, but we also make these in choice colors that can only be found in nature: pure white bone, solid black horn, shinny sterling silver, and all shades of exotic wood.

Shop our Round Earrings by type, style or size:

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