Peacock Earrings :|:

Natural feather and beaded peacock earrings: Available in 5 colors, and also in natural without beads, choose from 5 colors, or get a set of 5 to match any outfit or share with your friends. These Natural or Beaded Earrings are made with they eye of the peacock pheasant tail feather, the tips of the tail quill feathers. Available with sterling silver of hypoallergenic stainless steel ear wire French hooks.
The unique iridescent blue and green feathers have deep black centers accented with metallic bronze. This extraordinary natural coloration is caused by photonic crystal structures in the surface layers of the feathers. For some cultures, the eyes of the tail feathers represent the all seeing great divine and immortality.
These attract attention and are naturally admired by women and men alike, and with the addition of hand threaded beads carefully fitted and arranged on them create a perfectly weighted and light set of earrings that sway and dangle long beyond the lodges and gently sweep the side of the neck.

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