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Black Lotus Earrings

Our line of black lotus earrings is a collection of custom-made a blossoms to frame your face on your earlobes, accenting the strength and mystery of the divine feminine with hand carved details. Created of 100% natural black wood or solid buffalo horn and carefully cut with skill and buffed to a smooth soft sheen, these post type earrings hang beautifully and look fantastic with any attire.

The stunning mystique of a shimmering black lotus floating in the moon-lit water made in genuine tropical hardwood as a hand hewn wearable expression of this power and delicate strength. The lotus is a strong symbol of change and growth, of beauty and peace rising above the past or presence of things we find less beautiful, and moving onward with the knowledge and hope of all gwood things that come with change. Our Lotus earrings will inspire you and those who you bless them with as gifts. enjoy.

Shop our black lotus earrings, created by us in genuine horn or naturally black ebony wood, in a wide selection of styles ranging from hoop earrings to studs and more.

Our Black Lotus Earrings are natural, unique and handmade by skilled artisans in a large variety of styles, colors and sizes. This jewelry is custom made to order. Our Earrings are sold as pairs. All carved post earrings for regular pierced ears come with an extra set of posts! Prices listed are RETAIL and US $. These Wood, bone or horn earrings for regular pierced ears are handmade in genuine materials.

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