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Bone Jewelry

Venus Orchid, white earrings. Bone.

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This set of white flower earrings is really fun, unique and beautiful. A pair of carefully carved elongated hoop earrings with stylized orchid, representing femininity and mystique. These white earrings are carved in pure natural bone, by hand. The posts are 100% metal free, bone spun by hand on a lathe. The Venus Orchid earrings are a delicately designed jewelry piece. Carved from bone, the intricate flower design creates a truly feminine look. This small dangle earring is perfect for a wedding or any fashion-forward diva. Crafted with care through a fair trade process, these delicate hand carved white earrings are sure to make a statement.
Venus Orchid : Beautifully Styled Tropical Flower Organic Bone Earrings. Hand carved.

Color: White.

Measures:  3/4 inches W x 1 3/4 inches L.

Size: fits regular pierced ears.

Material: carved bone.

SKU # er-74-b

Bone Jewelry - Tribal Flower Jewelry

Beautifully Styled Tropical Flower Carved jewelry. 

Organic Earrings, handmade, one piece at a time by skilled craftsmen.

Beautiful, bold and fine, like you... Enjoy your exotic nature.

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Handmade Island Jewelry

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