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Star Flower. Black Earrings.

Star Flower. Black Earrings.

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Horn Earrings, handmade in natural horn, carved and polished to a smooth finish.
Color: black.

These horn earrings are silky looking and naturally deep black.

Size:  1 1/8 inches W x 2 inches L.

Bold and Stylish. like you.

Black Earrings - Tribal Jewelry

GARUDA & Kona Blue horn jewelry is created in solid natural material. Light Weight. Carved Flower Hanging Hoop Earrings. Hand crafted.

horn earrings.

SKU # er-57-h Horn Jewelry

carved, carved horn, carved jewelry, fair trade, flower, for normal pierced ears, natural, star.

GARUDA and Kona Blue :|: Natural Jewelry

Handmade Island Jewelry

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