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Snakeskin Bracelets

Mens Cobra Bracelet - Guys Black Leather Wristband

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Cobra Skin and leather bracelet. Custom sizing, plain leather wristband for guys.

The mysterious smoky colors and scale pattern of this genuine cobra skin bracelet show off gentle a strength and sensuality. This mens bracelet is made by hand from real cobra backed with select supple and strong bull leather in caramel brown.

*note: the colors have a natural range as shown in the photos, after selecting your size in the drop down menu, please leave a note or email us after checkout to let us know if you have a color preference of lighter, mixed or darker color.*

In a range of shades of grey, the exotic snakeskin has a special quality that no two peices are the same. The leather is oiled for the softness, durability of wear and endurance that a guys bracelet needs. Constructed by hand, the sizing is slightly adjustable for a tighter or looser fit with loop size closure of a simple stud and loop. This simple but exotic mens leather wristband is just under 1/2 inch wide, the perfect size for comfortable wear. This is a unique gift for the cool dad in your life.

Guys Cobra Snakeskin Wristband in Leather

This leather wristband of king cobra made into a bracelet for guys is a no-fail conversation starter and has a classic and masculine look and feel.
Color: grey to black speckled.
Materials: Snakeskin, bull leather bronze.
Size: Choose from the size chart and drop down menu, available in small, medium, large or extra large.
Measurement: approximately 7/16 to 1/2 inch wide.

Power of the Cobra

This mysterious and revered creature is a symbol of sensuality and power, known for stealth, accuracy, subtlety, strength and intuition. Its ability to change shape and move in unimaginable ways make it an animal totem for the warrior and defender, as well as the awakening of the ultimate power inside a human to bond and connect with he divine for eminence. The colors of black and gray are grounded and able to shift and change.

Snakeskin Leather Bracelet - sizing guide

See our bracelet size guide and measure yourself now to see what size to order, and get this amazingly attractive and unique snake skin peice for your wrist, arm or ankle.
This peice is made with an adjustable fit, offering the ability to get a tighter fit or to wear a little higher in the wrist or more loosely if you prefer. We size it so the adjustment is about 1/4 larger and smaller than the middle measurement given on our size guide. For example, a 7 inch bracelet fits 6 3/4 inch to 7 1/4 inch, allowing for the natural stretch of the leather over time and for the normal fluctuation of the body.
This bracelet can be ordered in any size, from extra small to extra large, and also makes a good looking anklet or armband. Great gift for men with really big wrists or extra small framed sizes.

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For more information on our snakeskin jewelry, see our info on varieties of exotic leathers including a choice selection of reptile leather.

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