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Extra posts and sticks for tribal earrings

Extra posts. Bone posts. extra sticks.

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Extra posts. posts

Posts extra sticks O-rings hand-carved in Water Buffalo Bone. Color: white.

Extra posts. postsbone posts. extra sticks. Extra posts 3 pair Organic bone posts. Replacement posts, pegs, studs, or sticks for your organic bone earrings. An assortment of lengths and widths included.

 Beautiful, bold and fine, like you.

Organic Earrings - replacement bone earrings posts

Extra posts 4 pair Bone posts.

Replacement posts, pegs, studs, or sticks for your.

Since not every post fits every earring, so there is an assortment of lengths and widths included. We send you 4 pair or 8 total bone posts for your Earrings. There may be a pair that is too small or too large. you can fit them to your Earrings, then trim off the extra part very carefully with a nail clipper, and if you want file it with a nail file.

that should be perfect!.

4 pair Bone posts.

Our natural jewelry and earrings are handmade with love, one peice at a time. Extra posts. bone posts. extra sticks.

SKU # er-00-b ( x 4 pair).

Enjoy your exotic nature.

Carved Bone Jewelry


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GARUDA and Kona Blue :|: Hawaiian Natural Jewelry

Handmade Island Jewelry

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