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Dragons Flame. Wooden Earrings. Hibiscus wood.

Dragons Flame. Wooden Earrings. Hibiscus wood.

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Wood Earrings carved of natural Hibiscus wood. of this type comes in a variety of colors depending on the variety and color of the flowers on the tree. Strong, smooth and finely grained with color, it is carved and polished by hand to create our wood jewelry. Color: woody brown.

This Jewelry is handmade and natural.

Size:  1 1/8 inches W x 2 1/4 inches L.

Bold and Stylish. like you.


Our is finely carved with precision skill. This stunning Bohemian jewelry is handmade and natural, created in exotic, genuine wood.

Hanging Wooden Earrings. Carved jewelry. Light Weight.

Our tribal earrings are made by hand.

SKU # er-59-wl.

Our and earrings are handmade with love, one piece at a time.

diva, drop, hanging, hibiscus wood,natural, peg, post.

GARUDA and Kona Blue :|: Natural Jewelry

Handmade Island Jewelry

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