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Snakeskin Bracelets

Cobra Bracelet

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Cobra Skin and leather bracelet. Custom sizing, plain leather wristband for men and women.

This unique and powerful cobra bracelet is made with supple bull hide leather and genuine cobra skin. The detailed color and pattern of the real snake skin offers a visual appeal that gets attention. The shades of grey to black combined with caramel leather has a bold and sublime appeal of the mysterious and exotic in colors that are key to a classic and subtle wristband. This fabulous unisex bracelet looks great on men but is also very appealing for  women. The oiled leather is both supple and strong.
Cobra is a powerful and mysterious animal that is symbolic of confidence and mystery, and also symbolizes the power of our energy centers rising to a state of consciousness that is stable and victorious.
The feel of oiled leather and snakeskin is more that just a physical sensation, but something that fills our sense of adventure and awareness with a deep sensuality.

There are no snakes in Hawaii, so for us this is a really interesting item. It a symbol of strength, keeping our home free from danger.  As a note, the cobra skins are from cobras that were eaten as believed to be aphrodisiac. The color and texture of the reptile leather is completely unique and exotic.

This handcrafted peice of cobra jewelry is also a power object. Many cultures say there is metaphysical power in cobra leather, and that it can be used for strength, stamina, attracting wealth and confidence. People who have these strong aspects are naturally attracted to people who wear this, and the laws of attraction are something very real.

Cobra power is symbolic of stealth, accuracy and streamlined style. Intuition and wisdom are also cobra energy. For a fighter or warrior it is said to provide the calm, and the name cobra is commonly used to describe high tech stealth and accuracy in motorsports and aerospace design. With powers of courage and accuracy, the cobra is a call to power, it offers strength to overcome obstacles and become more active and accurate.

Our genuine cobra skin leather bracelet is a perfect and easy to wear gift to the self or for others, or even to share with a partner or friend and a single peice or matching set. You can custom order this peice made for you in any size.

Snakeskin Leather Bracelet - sizing guide

See our bracelet size guide and measure yourself now to see what size to order, and get this amazingly attractive and unique snake skin peice for your wrist, arm or ankle.

This peice is made with an adjustable fit, offering the ability to get a tighter fit or to wear a little higher in the wrist or more loosely if you prefer. We size it so the adjustment is about 1/4 larger and smaller than the middle measurement given on our size guide. For example, a 7 inch bracelet fits 6 3/4 inch to 7 1/4 inch, allowing for the natural stretch of the leather over time and for the normal fluctuation of the body.
This bracelet can be ordered in any size, from extra small to extra large, and also makes a good looking anklet or armband. Great gift for someone who has a really big wrist or needs an extra small size

Measurements: approximately 1/2 inch wide.
Size: all sizes, Choose from any size according to your needs.
Material: genuine leather and cobra skin, patina brass in gunmetal or bronze.
Color: grey, black and brown.
Gender: Unisex, bracelet for men or women

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For more information on our snakeskin jewelry, see our info on varieties of exotic leathers including a choice selection of reptile leather.

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