Wholesale Wood Earrings and Carved Bone Jewelry

Wholesale : displays and starter packs



 For wholesale buyers, boutique owners, wholesale agents and stockists


minimum order :    $400 retail receives keystone pricing (starting at $200 for wholesale price).

code:    WHOLESALE

next level :     $1000 retail value starts the next level pricing, at 60% off of retail.

code:  60wholesale1000

pro level :    $2000 retail value starts our best pricing, at 65% off of retail, which will also give you the most success with both merchandising and markup on our wood earrings.

code:  65wholesale2000


 Wood Jewelry Wholesale.

minimum order | starts at only $200 for beginner merchants.

next level | pricing starts at $400.

pro level | best pricing rate starts at $700.

contact us for distributor pricing, starting at $3000.

*If you are in the United States, NO NEED TO SET UP A WHOLESALE BUYER ACCOUNT.

JUST PLACE YOUR ORDER, AND WE CAN SET UP YOUR ACCOUNT TO BE TAX-FREE,  start selecting your jewelry and fill out your shipping and contact info in the cart.

*If you are OUTSIDE the United States, maybe Canada or England or Australia, go ahead and place your first order...

Please include your email address, tax id number, name, phone number, address, type of business, and address.

We will send you a link to register your wholesale account to be tax free.

We want you to be prosperous and happy.
Should it happen that any of our wood earrings, organic jewelry, or other handmade jewelry have not sold within 6 months, you are welcome to exchange them for any of our organic or handmade jewelry of equal value.
Contact us by email with the list of what you want to exchange and we can either issue you an online voucher for the value when we receive them, or send us a list of what you would like to exchange for, with a couple of second choices in case we are out of your original choices.
You have the choice of sending any defective products back to us for exchange by first contacting us at service@ OrganicEarrings.com, and we can send you a replacement if it is in stock or credit your next order.
Good enough? If not, please let us know how we can make you happy!

Wholesale Organic & Handmade Jewelry Agreement:

By placing a wholesale order with us on our websites, http://www.organicearrings.com, http://www.woodearrings.com and http://shop.organicearrings.com, http://westernbohemian.com, http://woodenearrings.com   or in person, by phone, mail or email or any other means, you agree to the following terms:.

1.You agree to be happy and enjoy your relationship with your favorite wholesale jewelry suppliers, GARUDA Organic Earrings & Kona Blue Jewelry. 

2.If you are not completely satisfied with your wholesale order, you may return your entire jewelry order for a full refund minus a 50% restocking fee within 2 weeks of the date of delivery.

3. DAMAGED GOODS: Any damaged product or any item faulty in materials or craftsmanship may be returned to us by your retail store or customer for exchange or credit.

4. You and your retail entity agree to sell our product with the branded card we provide with the product included, and not under any other brand name. Our designs are original and subject to copyright law.

5. We are not liable for any damages that may occur due to the misuse of our jewelry. THE EARRINGS AND BODY JEWELRY ARE NOT FOR USE IN FRESH PIERCINGS! Only use organic jewelry in piercings that are well healed.

6. You or any of your affiliates may not replicate any of our organic jewelry or other handmade jewelry designs. The jewelry and products are original, created by us, and are subject to copyright law. The right to produce our designs may be purchased for $1000 per year per design with a written contract from us. Please do not purchase jewelry from persons or suppliers whom have stolen our concepts and original organic and wood earring styles and page copy.

7. The minimum order of $200 USD is standard on all wholesale jewelry orders. All payment is due in full at the time the order is placed unless you have made other arrangements in writing with us in advance.


We may be willing to work on wholesale payment terms such as 20net30, net30, or 50net60 with established clients if you have proper credit history and references. You must supply us with a credit card number we may charge on the payment due date as outlined in the contract we will send you if we accept you.

We accept AMERICAN EXPRESS, Visa, Master Card SHOPAY, APPLEPAY & PayPal
 Paypal: send to: service @OrganicEarrings.com
All payment is due in full at the time the order is placed unless you have terms arranged with us.

9. Keep making our products look as amazing as they make you look. :)

10. Enjoy looking great in our jewelry, and seeing your customers look great, too! Your customers have the choice of sending any defective goods back to us for exchange by first contacting us at sales@organicearrings.com, or they may do it through you and we can send you replacement jewelry if it is in stock.