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This assortment of wooden tribal earrings is the best quality available, with unique styles and the best craftsmanship and materials available. Created in tropical wood with beautiful colors in expressive forms.

Tribal Wood Earrings 

We find inspiration in creating accessories and jewelry from the essence of the natural world around us. Our collections of tribal wood earrings are crafted with the gifts of nature, enhanced by refined skills and the gratitude for your happiness with our jewelry. The process of creating this natural tribal jewelry is long, and takes years to master, it is passed through generations from parent to father, but the designs are our own originals. Selecting the perfect piece of wood to begin with is not simple, and you should know that the prices we sacrifice this jewelry at are unbearably cheap. This is a labor of love, making tribal earrings for you all to enjoy. Please offer us a share and good review on social media so we can keep this skill alive and ensure that quality hand carved jewelry will be something that is available for years to come.

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