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Bone Jewelry

Enchanted. Boho Earrings. Bone Jewelry.

Enchanted. Boho Earrings. Bone Jewelry.

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Beautiful boho earrings in a lacy spiraling set of vine like swirls. We made this cute pair of drop earrings in genuine natural buffalo bone. Pair them with a set of sterling silver posts for a nice swing that accents the graceful style of these long bone earrings

Color: White.

Measures:  1 1/8 inches W x 2 inches L.

Beautiful, bold and fine, like you.

Intricately Carved Hanging Bone Earrings, White Carved jewelry.

Enjoy your exotic nature.

SKU # er-47-b

Tags:  bohemian, dangle, delicate, diva, feminine, for regular pierced ears, intricate, stick, wedding, white jewelry.

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