Chunky Jewelry & TRENDY EARRINGS

Chunky Jewelry & TRENDY EARRINGS |

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Our fun and playful Trendy Earrings and chunky jewelry are perfect accent for a modern tribal boho look and feel. Finely made in natural materials and carved by hand in spiral and tribal style.

These bold, cute earrings and statement pieces are handmade in high quality natural wood, bone and horn with sterling silver for an elegance that has a softness and feels fun.

Beautiful, chunky jewelry from exotic lands : Western Bohemian jewelry : bold and chunky organic wood, buffalo horn, amber, sterling silver and more transformed by skilled artists into expressive jewelry and earrings | Our carved and handcrafted Organic Jewelry and earrings : Wood Earrings : Hoop Earrings : Beadwork : Organic Body Jewelry : Bone Jewelry : Carved Jewelry : Tribal Earrings : Faux Gauge : Gauged Earrings : Bone Earrings : Wooden Jewelry : Coconut : Shell