Boho Hippie earrings :|:

Over 300 styles of hippie earrings, made in delicate feathers, wood, carved bone, horn and silver, so many earrings in dreamy styles, wood hoop earrings and more... More .... More....

In natural exotic material, incredibly cheap wood earrings, our Boho earrings are funky and fun, made of wood, silver, and feathers, these are earrings to make new friends and memories in. We have been having fun creating and recreating these unique and festive earrings that should be treasured as heirlooms crafted of natural materials by hand.

Dreamy and strong Boho jewelry made in natural materials. Our earrings are designed to bring out your Bohemian soul and passionate presence. Organic, natural, unique & bold Boho jewelry.

Boho Earrings and Jewelry

Layered in 100+ styles, the choice of earrings ranges from floral and coiling to elegant and long drop and hook styles. Imagine unfolding floral vines engraved into tropical wood branching from hoops pined with a fine natural post or boho fake gauges that seem to be part of you. Cute stirrup ear post earrings in trendy tribal styles flowing in abundance make the perfect fashion accessory for your outfit. Boho style is free spirited and strong with detail and grace. Our line of Boho jewelry and earrings are designed with your personal expression in mind. We started creating the jewelry of our dreams almost 20 years ago, while traveling the world living a dream that becomes more and more rare to encounter, much like our Boho earrings. Finding the perfect natural materials and transforming them with the help of skilled artists takes time, just like finishing the last touch of your perfect Bohemian outfit. When you need a bold statement piece of jewelry to make your feelings show, we have just the thing. This handmade jewelry is full of bold dangling, detailed, graceful, delicate and elegant spiral designs carved in gorgeous natural materials, such as wood, bone and horn.

Our Favorite  DIVA Jewelry: let your Inner Spirit THRIVE... Share this beautiful natural jewelry from exotic lands, explore the experience of freedom through jewelry: curated organic wood, buffalo horn, carved buffalo bone, sterling silver and more transformed by skilled artists into expressive jewelry and earrings.

These boho earrings in flowing swirls, spirals and tribal styles of drop earrings and hoops are handmade in exotic wood, horn, natural, black and white bone.

Our carved and handcrafted Organic Jewelry and earrings : Wood Earrings : Hoop Earrings : Bead work : Organic Body Jewelry : Bone Jewelry : Carved Jewelry : Tribal Earrings : Faux Gauge : Gauged Earrings : Bone Earrings : Wooden Jewelry : Coconut : Shell

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