Fake Gauges & Faux Gauge Earrings

Over 100 styles of fake gauges and tribal earrings in black, natural and white, available in wood, bone and horn for regular pierced ears. Our premium Faux Gauge Earrings are finely carved,  made in spiral, tribal, and nature inspired sculptural forms in black, white, and natural wood, bone, and horn. Tribal jewelry - organic earrings - fake body jewelry - bone jewelry - split expander - cheater earrings - ear gauges - hanger earrings

Fake Gauges

Natural exotic materials are carved to handcraft our fake gauge earrings. Faux body jewelry and earrings that are genuine and one-of-a-kind. These easy-to-wear, finely designed faux gauges are elegant enough to wear to a formal event while being casual enough to participate in. Fake gauge earrings are a great way to show off your individuality. Our collection of fake gauge earrings made in wood, bone and horn is so beautiful, you could wear it in your ear piercing with a formal gown. These awesome and funky hip earrings have something special and unique that gives you mojo and good vibes and you don't need stretched lobes, however, if you are looking for earrings for stretched lobes and large piercings, we have them in our gauges collection, which has plugs, earrings and piercing jewelry for normal sized piercings and 12 gauge size up to 10g, 8g, 6g, 4g, 2g, 0g and size 00 gauge stretched ear lobes. The carving and materials are top quality and the prices can't be beat. Our fake piercing jewelry is something you can wear every day, always look and feel great in, and feel great about. These earrings that look like body jewelry are fun to wear, expressive and super great accessories for everyday street wear, handmade, natural and fair trade.

All of our ear gauges and faux gauge jewelry and tribal earrings are Fair Trade, handmade by skilled traditional artisans from natural and organic bone, wood and buffalo horn. All our materials are responsibly collected. We work directly with the artists to ensure the best in quality and design. This line of tribal jewelry is something we really cherish. Each pair of fake ear plugs is carefully styled and in select natural jewelry materials. The organic jewelry we make is always handmade is the best quality wood, bone and horn available. We offer of 800 styles of fake plugs, tribal jewelry and gauges for stretched or normal piercings.

Gauges - tribal jewelry - hand carved - bone , horn or wood fake gauge jewelry - wood faux gauges - black faux gauges - faux gauge earrings - white faux gauge earrings. Beautiful and bold tribal earrings and fake body jewelry in a large variety of styles and materials. Faux gauge earrings and faux piercing jewelry is easy to wear and fun to go out in.

How are faux gauge earrings made?

We take a perfect pair of gauge earrings designed for stretched piercings and carefully hold them in a vice, then cut a small section out about the width of your earlobe. next, we carefully mark the exact center and drill a hole in one side large enough to insert a earring back into, and another the gauge of a standard earring. We use hypoallergenic permanent fixative to adhere the post and back into the newly made faux gauges or fake piercing jewelry, then carefully polish each side for a comfortable and perfect fit.

This process is very detail oriented and time consuming, as we make our fake gauge jewelry be the best available. These fake gauges earring sets are perfectly finished and have a 1 year replacement warranty.

Shop our collection of faux gauges for the perfect fit. Tribal style Faux Gauge Earrings: normal earrings that make your ears look like gauged piercings.

These are handmade by skilled artisans from Eco-Friendly, natural and organic materials. We work close with our artists when we create these faux gauge earrings to ensure quality and satisfaction, and use high quality and beautiful natural materials, such as exotic wood, buffalo horn, bone, and sterling silver. Our tribal earrings available in a range of organic jewelry materials from tropical wood and coconut to bison horn and silver are something you will want to collect, keep, and use every day, forever.

Since 2001, we've been making body jewelry, fake gauge earrings, and tribal earrings. Our artisans' abilities and patience are unsurpassed, and we are proud to offer our collection of one-of-a-kind handmade and tribal jewelry in a variety of swirling and unusual natural designs. Our jewelry selections are of the highest possible quality. These fake gauges are trendy and eye-catching. They are made of natural materials and are comfy to wear every day. Our gorgeous and unusual faux gauge earrings are fashioned with a sterling silver ear-wire and have a fun look with significant mojo for everyday use, from tribal to sophisticated.

Our tribal earrings are bold and stylish, hand carved from natural and organic wood, bone, horn, or coconut. Over 100 colors and styles are available in our Tribal earrings - split expanders - fake gauge - cheater earrings collection.
Tribal faux gauges are one of the most expressive and daring accessories, elevating your everyday self to the extraordinary and unforgettable.

An amazing collection of styles in fake body jewelry and faux gauge earrings in black, white and tropical wood made of bone, wood or buffalo horn are available.
We have been making custom fake piercing jewelry for 20 years, and ours is not only the original, but the best faux body jewelry! enjoy...

This jewelry is custom made to order. Natural and handmade, our Fake Gauges & Faux Gauge Earrings are unique and handmade by skilled artisans. Prices listed are RETAIL and US $.

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